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We are committed to contributing to a more balanced and sustainable society

At Cerealis we frame sustainability within a comprehensive and holistic vision of the concept, working across the Social, Economic and Environmental pillars. In addition to our nutritional concerns, environmental impact issues are a priority.

Systems have been adjusting, not only from the point of view of complying with legal reporting, but also by transforming those same obligations into benefits for people and the planet.

At Cerealis we are committed to contributing to a more balanced and healthier society, taking on the challenges of this issue as something transformative.

The good practices we are adopting seek to follow the guidelines offered by the United Nations’ 2030 agenda, in our case prioritizing 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Quality Health

At Cerealis we incorporate nutritional quality into our product developments as something absolutely critical, continuing to work on the promotion of nutrition programs for external and internal audiences, and partnerships with associations dedicated to healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Cerealis has stepped up its investment in improving working conditions, with a view to the well-being, growth and development of the company. The investments made in the most diverse social areas, in different production centers, are proof of the incessant search to improve the conditions that Cerealis will increasingly offer to all our employees.

Responsible Consumption and Production

At Cerealis, we guide our growth based on concerns about rationalizing the use of resources, and systematically seeking responsible and guaranteed originations.

Climate Action

At Cerealis we work permanently to find solutions that minimize impacts on the environment and reduce emissions in all its aspects – air, water, and soil.


New frontiers in continuous development

At Cerealis we continually invest in Innovation and Development, promoting a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, promoting brands and products through a development process aware of the need for balance in the nutritional and organoleptic dimension.

At Cerealis we encourage a receptive attitude to innovation in all functions, in methodologies and work practices, and above all in individual attitudes, with the aim of expanding the impact on the company and the business.

Innovation Center

Our Innovation Center is an open space capable of sensory testing and prepared for sharing knowledge.

Located in the heart of our Maia production center, it is a space dedicated to creativity, collaboration and discovery. With laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology, co-creation spaces and sensory testing areas, the Cerealis Innovation Center allows you to transform ideas into reality. Here, our experts work closely with external partners, scientific entities, suppliers and customers to explore new frontiers in product development.

Nutrition at the center of the development process

At Cerealis, concerns about nutritional issues are central to the entire development and innovation process of our product portfolio.

As processors of cereals, the energy base of a healthy eating pattern, we take on increased responsibility in developing and adjusting balanced foods that provide essential nutrients to our consumers. As part of this commitment, we highlight the effort and results obtained in dedicated projects in the breakfast cereal, bars and biscuits categories.